One of our greatest passions is being on the platform together whether it is at a community event in the USA or South Africa or perhaps with an existing organization or church that desires a couple as their plenary speaker. These events can be one night gatherings we call "Date Nights," weekend conferences, or a gathering within your organization. The Rosbergs bring 43 years of marriage to the platform using their gifts of insight, humor and wisdom in coaching couples "up" to become the best they can be!

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Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg are champions to thousands of families around the world. As America’s Family Coaches they have impacted and empowered positive generational change to create strong family legacies. Now their transformational message is global and I’m pleased to support their vision to change every family into a successful one. Call them, schedule them, partner with them and build the legacy you and your organization have been seeking. You won’t be disappointed!
— Dwight Bain, Founder - The LifeWorks Group