There are two types of marriage coaches: fluff and thin vs. real and deep. Gary and Barb Rosberg are as real as they come. With humor, vulnerability, and a deep knowledge of building a Christ centered marriage, the Rosbergs are one of the best in the business.
— Tommy Spaulding New York Times best selling author of It's Not Just Who You Know
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Truly effective executives don’t merely appease shareholders, they profoundly and positively impact organizational cultures. I can think of no better people to coach such extraordinary and revolutionary leadership effectiveness than Gary and Barb Rosberg.

With a coaching model built on decades of improving relational dimensions of interaction, the Rosbergs are supremely qualified to offer unique insights into human behavior that affect organizational dynamics. Leaders are encouraged to achieve balance in work and life, and organizations are empowered to attain a strategic competitive advantage.

Simply stated, Gary and Barb Rosberg offer an extensive toolbox designed to coach the very best out of you.
— Rick Rigsby, Ph.D. Motivational speaker, Corporate Coach and Author
I’ve known Gary and Barb Rosberg for over twenty years and have always walked away from our conversations empowered and encouraged to change. If you are seeking a couple to create a positive coaching experience you need search no further. Simply put they are among the best Relationship Coaches in the world. Contact them now and you will see why I’m so supportive of their mission to create lasting results in your personal and professional life.
— Dwight Bain Executive Director - The International Christian Coaching Association
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I have gotten to know Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg over the last four years as they have traveled to South Africa yearly to speak and coach at Focus on the Family Africa events around the country.

They are phenomenal speakers that compliment each other wonderfully as they feed off one another’s energy in an entertaining and inspiring way that leaves the audience feeling as though they’ve had a breath of fresh air. But they also carry an incredibly powerful and important message that they deliver in a way that impacts those fortunate enough to be in the audience.

They have also played a significant role in rising up and coaching marriage mentors in South Africa. Their content is solid yet simple, and their style evokes confidence in those who wish to not only apply the teaching in their own marriage, but also to teach and mentor others.

Not only do they speak an important message, but they also live it. I have the privilege of calling them my friends and I highly recommend this wonderful couple for any marriage speaking or coaching opportunity.
— Graeme Schnell CEO - Focus on the Family Africa
I have known Gary and Barb Rosberg for a number of years. They are a great couple. As a CEO at my previous company, I used to host Barb and Gary for international seminars on marriage, parenting and family. Because of their great presentational skills and passion, they left a great impression on both the Church and Business fraternities in Africa. They are well accomplished executive life and marriage coaches. I would therefore recommend their newly established “The Rosberg Group” company to all businesses, churches and communities.
— Amon Kasambala, PhD
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As Executive Director of the National Association of Basketball Coaches I have had the privilege of seeing Gary and Barb in action as they have spoken into the marriages of college basketball coaches yearly at the Final Four. They also coach NABC members through our quarterly magazine publication and each of their messages is relevant to the needs of couples today. I highly recommend the Rosbergs as life and marriage coaches as well as speakers for your event.
— Jim Haney, Executive Director - NABC